Gaita Gallega

Reliable and easy to play bagpipes from the northwest of Spain with simple fingering in different keys. Gaita Gallega The Gaita Gallega is a widely used traditional bagpipe from this region in the north of Spain. From probably the best Galician master workshop we obtain these wonderful instruments, which we can unreservedly recommend to both beginners and professional musicians. Obradoiro de Gaitas Seivane is probably the best manufacturer of Gaita Gallegas. With 60 years of experience, modern technology and high respect for the tradition of Spanish bagpipes, this manufacturer provides the highest quality imaginable. If you want to describe Seivane in words, terms like elegance, dedication, competence and precision are appropriate. Seivane is fully dedicated to music and Galician tradition. We supply and service these Gaitas in the German speaking countries and offer our customers first class service for these wonderful instruments. Gaitas we like to recommend as beginner instruments, suitable for loud instrumentation and outdoor music due to their powerful sound. The bagpipes we offer can be reliably overblown by one note, which is why they can be used to play, for example, the well-known Hümmelchen literature. The Gaita comes with a maintenance-free Goretex bellows with a velvet cover. A ‘water trap’ is built into the blowing plug to prevent excessive moisture loading of the reeds, among other things. Our Gaita is created from the cooperation with a Spanish manufacturer and thanks to its great reliability it is also very popular among professional musicians. Gaitas from Seivane are always delivered with a complete set of equipment: Case, spare reed, care utensils and much more are always included in the price! These are first-class, truly professional instruments with clean intonation and first-class quality (no tourist instruments!!!). Gaitas are easy to blow and are played with an easy-to-learn open fingering.