Scottish Smallpipes

The ‘quiet’ Scottish Pipes – reliable and easy to play in different keys. The ‘quiet’ Scottish bagpipes: Highland Smallpipes These bagpipes, which have been tried and tested for many years, open up a whole new sound for the friend of Scottish music, which will not only delight Highland pipers! The full-sounding, but only room-loud bagpipes are played with the same fingering as the Highland pipes and have three or four drones. Due to the new plastic reeds, which are insensitive to moisture and reliable, it is possible to offer these easy-to-play mouth-blown instruments. So there is no need to learn how to use the otherwise necessary bellows and play ‘strapped’. The best blackwood is used for the smallpipes, the ornaments are made of excellent ivory. Of course, the Canmore bag is also used here, which guarantees permanent tightness without re-sealing. Our Highland Smallpipes come from the workshop of the renowned Scottish manufacturer R.T. Shepherd and are available in different keys. The basic tuning of these instruments is based on ‘normally’ tuned musical instruments (approx. 440 Hz), so that playing together with (folk) instruments such as guitar, whizzle, accordion or violin is possible without any problems. The instruments are carefully checked and set up playable by us before sale. You can rely on professional support in case of questions and problems arising later. Repairs and warranty work are carried out directly at our premises. There are always some models directly in stock and can be delivered at short notice.