Peter Henderson Bagpipes

The top model series of Great Highland Bagpipes from the renowned Scottish manufacturer R.G: Hardie, was named after the famous pipe maker Peter Henderson. These premium Great Highland Bagpipes leave nothing to be desired and combine first-class quality with the most careful craftsmanship. Nevertheless, a very good price-performance ratio is also given here! R.G. Hardie is one of the most renowned manufacturers of high-quality bagpipes and was founded in 1950 by Robert G. Hardie. Instruments by Hardie were appreciated worldwide in the 60s and played by top bands and solo pipers. After the company fell into turmoil several years ago, it was re-established by new owners. Today, a team of excellent young craftsmen, led by the well-known piper Alastair Dunn, manufactures the thoroughly revised models in a newly created workshop in Glasgow. The name R.G. Hardie stands today again for excellent instruments, manufactured in the best tradition of craftsmanship. The R.G. Hardie company offers two model lines: R.G. Hardie and the premium brand Peter Henderson.

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