AdjustiStick Blowpipe (adjustable from 8 to 12 inches)


Length-adjustable plastic blow tube for GHB with integrated valve (with without artificial ivory mount)


The AdjustiStick is a precisely manufactured blowing tube made of sturdy plastic that can be continuously adjusted to a length of 8 inches to 12 inches. This allows the musician to adjust his blowpipe to the exact length that achieves a comfortable playing position.


Built-in valve: Inside the AdjustStick is a reliable and replaceable rubber valve.

To access the valve, the spigot (with the thread winding) is unscrewed. We recommend treating the valve with a little Vaseline for a better seal. When inserting into the pipe, the blowpipe should be turned clockwise to avoid loosening of the valve system.

Telescopic tube: The length of the AdjustiStick can be easily adjusted. Loosen the lock nut, adjust the overall length and retighten the lock nut. We supply two different mouthpiece tube to achieve all possible lengths.

Oval mouthpiece: The additionally supplied oval attachment ís a good option to the mounted round mouthpiece. Both mouthpieces are screwed onto the telescopic tube.

Mounts: The AdjustiStick is available with black mount or with artificial ivory mount.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg

with artificial ivory mount, with black mount