DELUXE Bagpipe Microfiber Cleaning Brushes for Drones and Blowpipe by R.G. Hardie (Set of 2)

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The DELUXE Bagpipe Brushes from R.G. Hardie are microfiber brushes designed to remove moisture and dirt from bagpipe drones and the blowpipe. Unlike conventional cleaning brushes made of wool, the microfiber brushes leave no linty residue. Regular application can help protect the wood from cracking. The brushes are durable and are sold in a set of two (large and small).


Do you know the problem that your bagpipe is full of moisture and dust after playing? This moisture and dirt buildup can affect the tuning of your bagpipe and make it difficult to play.

With the Bagpipe Microfiber Cleaning Brushes from R.G. Hardie, you have the perfect brushes to take your bagpipe care to the next level. The bristles of these brushes are made of microfiber, a soft material that gently but effectively removes dirt and moisture from your bagpipe drones and blowpipe. Unlike conventional cleaning brushes made of wool, the microfiber brush leaves no linting residue in the drones after cleaning.

You want to make sure your bagpipe is always in top shape to get the best sound possible. With the Deluxe Bagpipe Brushes by R.G. Hardie for drones and blowpipe you have a tool that helps you keep your instruments in top shape. The brush is easy to use and can quickly remove dirt and moisture from your bagpipe. It is also durable and can be used for a long period of time, making it a worthwhile investment for any bagpiper.

The Bagpipe Microfiber Cleaning Brushes are now available here at Order today and make sure your bagpipes are always in top shape!


Microfiber brushes absorb moisture and also clean the inside of the drones and blowpipe. Regular cleaning of the bagpipe bores with the Bagpipe Microfiber Cleaning Brushes prevents the wood and hemp from expanding and contracting, which can cause cracks in the wood.

R.G. Hardie DELUXE bagpipe microfiber cleaning brushes for cleaning the drones and blowpipe.
The microfiber has the same absorbent properties as wool.

The price indicated is for 2 brushes, one large and one small.