Beginner’s set: Wee-Pipe in A with middle-age fingering and textbook

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The Bagpipe Primer Volume 1

Textbook for the medieval bagpipe by Thomas Zöller - with a foreword by Brian Haase (aka Briantanus)

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Practice Chanter Bag Deluxe

The new, high-quality bag for Practice Chanter and DIN A4 textbook

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Mouth-blown small bagpipe with medieval fingering in the key of A. Here as a beginner set with the textbook ‘Die Sackpfeifen-Fibel’.

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Here we offer you a low-priced starter set consisting of:

with medieval fingering in A

Replacement reed
for the chanter of the Wee-Pipe

The Bagpipe Primer
Textbook volume 1 for the medieval bagpipe

Please specify whether the size of the bag should fit children (small) or adults (large).

NEW: All WeePipes now come with a Canmore Hybrid Cord Bag in black!

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