Drone Reed High Drone for Gaita (Seivane)


Excellent plastic drone reed from Seivane for the optional third drone of the Gaita Gallega in different tunings


plastic drone reed from Seivane the optional third (quint) drone of the Gaita Gallega.

Excellent plastic bordun reed for the Gaita Gallega with very good sound, easy response and low air consumption.

A rubber washer attached to the reed improves the function of the reed by allowing only the required amount of air to pass through. At the same time, there is a valve effect that facilitates starting and stopping the reed. A spare rubber washer is included in the delivery.

Available in the keys

– D

– C

– Bb

These reeds come from one of the most renowned Gaita builders in Gallicia and are also popular in the professional sector.

Due to the different construction methods of various Gaita manufacturers, we cannot guarantee 100% that these drone tubes will fit your instrument perfectly. If you have any doubts, send us your instrument so that we can test the reeds beforehand. We will charge you for the set-up and any necessary re-tuning of your instrument on a time and material basis.

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Gaita Reed Seivane for High Drone in G