Canmore Pipe-Bag for shepherd’s pipe or french pipe. Bagpipes

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NEW: Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bag for shepherd pipes, french bag pipes or other small bag pipes


Still relatively new to the Canmore® product range is this innovative Hybrid Pipe Bag, which combines the long-established microfiber fabric (from a specially developed GORE-TEX® membrane) with a synthetic leather surface. The imitation leather has very good moisture permeability and ensures quick drying of the bag.

The bag made especially for us has a commonly used shape, as used in shepherd pipes and French bag pipes. But the bag will also fit many other models.

Hybrid/Suede: The GoreTex(R) fabric is coated with an anthracite-colored, moisture-permeable layer of a high-quality, suede-like material. Visually and when playing, you can hardly distinguish this bag from a ‘real’ leather bag.

Hybrid bags are airtight even without sealant and have already proven their worth in recent years. Especially in warm countries, where the use of sealant often causes difficulties, these bags are ideally suited.

In order to make the bag as versatile as possible for many bagpipe models, no sockets are built in for the installation of the stocks. The binding positions of the sticks can thus be determined and cut open by yourself. The sticks are traditionally integrated. The delivery is made with a binding cord.

(Length of the bag about 66 cm, height about 31 cm. Neck opening for sticks with a diameter up to 50 mm).


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