Chanter Reed (Shepherd) for Orchestral Chanter


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Double reed for orchestral chanter by R.T. Shepherd for Great Highland Bagpipes


Shepherd Chanter Reeds for the Orchestral Pipe Chanter

are characterized by a proven uniform quality and excellent sound properties.

These chanter reeds are mainly intended for the lower pipe tuning of the Orchestral Chanter / B-flat Chanter.(Orchestral Pipe Chanter).

Shepherd is known for using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to achieve consistent quality that allows the Piper to easily customize his Chanter Reed to meet his personal needs. Good sound characteristics and compatibility with chanters from a wide range of manufacturers are a matter of course.


Special offer: from an order quantity of 5 reeds we deliver a reed box for free and automatically!

Order now the inexpensive and ingenious
Default Setting Tool
to easily adjust the playing strength of the Shepherd Chanter and Drone reeds.

With the instructions we provide, it is possible for any piper to adjust initially too hard reeds to the desired playing pressure. (Download the manufacturer’s info for setting the reeds)

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