Chanter Reed (Warnock) for GHB


The proven Chanter Reeds from reed / cane


The Chanter Reeds of the new series by Frazer Warnock are exclusively handmade and carefully tested.

These chanter reeds are equipped with copper sleeves and are currently available in 4 hardnesses.

Manufacturer Info:

“The Warnock Pipe Chanter Reed, played in countless bands throughout the world. Renowned for it’s excellent bright, true sound which is only achievable by using the highest quality cane available. With 40 years of refinement, we have found that tying by hand, with a single thread gives the truest sound possible.

The Warnock Reed has also become known for its short ‘blowing-in’ period, and can be played in a wide variety of chanters. Each reed is rigorously tested, leaving you with the best sound possible. You will not be disappointed!”


Additional information

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