R.G. Hardie Standard Cotton Cleaning Brushes (Set of 4)

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Set of 4 cotton cleaning brushes for the Great Highland Bagpipes by R.G. Hardie


Do you have a Great Highland Bagpipe? Then you need these 4 soft and gentle cotton cleaning brushes from R.G. Hardie, perfect for cleaning the inside bore of your Scottish bagpipes.

The R.G. Hardie standard cleaning brushes made of wool are specially designed for cleaning drones and the set contains a total of 4 different sizes, so you have the right brush for each hole.

The cotton cleaning brushes are an indispensable maintenance tool to keep the boreholes and the blowpipe dry and clean. Moisture affects the performance and stability of the bagpipe, so it should always be dried thoroughly after practice, competitions and parades.

Regular cleaning of bagpipes not only improves the performance of the instrument, but also prolongs their life. So do your bagpipe some good and get this handy set of cotton bagpipe brushes!


  • Smallest brush: approx. 12 mm
  • Small brush: approx. 14 mm
  • Large brush: approx. 20 mm
  • Largest brush: approx. 24 mm


To clean the drones and blowpipe of your Great Highland Bagpipes with the cleaning brush, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the drones and the blowpipe from your instrument.
  2. Make sure that the cleaning brush is clean and dry.
  3. Start cleaning the blowpipe by carefully pushing the brush through the mouthpiece and cleaning it thoroughly.
  4. Then clean the inside of the drones with the brush. Gently run the brush through the end of the drones and rotate slowly to ensure all debris is removed.
  5. Make sure all parts are sufficiently dry before reattaching them to the instrument.

It is important to thoroughly clean and dry the cleaning brush after each use to ensure that it remains free of bacteria and other contaminants.

Effective lengths of approx. 39 cm
Total length: approx. 41 cm

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