Default Setting Tool for GHB Reeds (Shepherd)

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Ingenious tool for basic adjustment of chanter reeds of Great Highland bagpipes


Default Setting Tool for Highland Bagpipe Reeds

by R.T. Shepherd

A brand new tool for setting the desired playing strength of Great Highland Bagpipes chanter reeds. Bob Shepherd is known worldwide as a specialist in reeds and pipe chanters for Scottish bagpipes. His new tool gives us musicians for the first time a tool that allows you to customize chanter reeds to your own needs without running the risk of destroying them in the process.

This tool has proven itself for over a year with numerous pipe bands and solo pipers. The most common feedback from our customers says, “I never want to miss this awesome blue block again!”

The DEFAULT SETTING TOOL allows you to adjust the playing strength of chanter reeds without grinding, pressing or scraping. In just a few steps, reeds can be set to the manufacturer’s desired opening width of the Easy – Easy/Medium – Med/Hard strengths. By closing the reed opening, the reed responds more easily and the playing pressure decreases. Depending on the application time, even very hard reeds can be brought back to a reasonable playing pressure.

With the help of the integrated adjustment gauge, the correct position of the reed in the chanter can be additionally checked and corrected (suitable for the Shepherd Pipe Chanter Classic, Symphonic and Orchestral *).

As a further plus, the tool has four adjustment ranges with which the ferrules of the proven Shepherd Drone Reeds (SM90 or All Plastic Drone Reeds) can be quickly and easily set to the correct size.

*The dimensions correspond to the manufacturer’s specifications and can of course be varied according to the user’s wishes.

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