Deger Pipe II PLUS

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Bag for DegerPipe II

Small bag, suitable for the DegerPipe II

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Electronic Bagpipe Chanter with Scottish, Middle Ages, Shepherd’s Pipe, Gaita Gallega and Hümmelchen/Dudey fingerings.


The PLUS model, which has been greatly expanded compared to the Classic version, offers the fingering of the Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe, Medieval Market Bag pipe and Gaita Gallega, as well as the fingering of the French Cornemuse(shepherd’s pipe) and the baroque fingering of Hümmelchen and Dudey.

For the semi-closed, French one, the second thumb ‘hole’ for the right hand is of course also present.

The Degerpipe II PLUS is much more than just a practice instrument, it is a fully-fledged electronic bagpipe and offers versatile musical possibilities and impressive sound results.

Selectable grips

With five realistic wavetable-generated sounds

  • Highland Bagpipes
  • Middle Ages bagpipe / shepherd pipe
  • Gaila Gallega
  • Highland Smallpipe / Hümmelchen 1
  • Highland Smallpipe / Hümmelchen 2

Play bagpipe without limits

  • Fingerings and sounds are freely combinable
  • Overblowable scale with one and a half octave range
  • Chromatic scales (pure tuned or equal tempered)
  • Realistic playing of vibratos like the original
  • Transposable in a wide range (every key is adjustable (also stepless))
  • Retunable and continuously tunable drones (fundamental, fourths or fifths tuning)
  • Optimized touch sensors for reliable function
  • Volume for chanter and drones separately adjustable
  • Line Out for headphones, midi and amplifier
  • Update option by the manufacturer
  • and many more features

The DegerPipe II offers the possibility of overblowing and playing vibratos! The fingerings are largely identical to the usual semi-closed playing of the French bagpipes and the Hümmelchen and Dudey instruments. Exception to overblow simply remains open the thumb of the left hand. This small change is necessary because the instrument is built without a bag and a replacement handle had to be found for the otherwise higher playing pressure. After playing for a short time, however, it becomes apparent that this change is easy to grasp.

All settings are saved when the device is switched off and are active again the next time it is switched on. Resetting to the company setting is also easily possible at any time. The second thumbhole for the semi-closed shepherd’s pipe fingering is naturally present on the PLUS model. Scottish fingerings can be played with normal G or with sharp G for myxolydian and ionic tunes. The intonation of the chanter can be switched from pure tuning to equal temperament.

Technical data of the DegerPipe

  • Power supply 2 Micro Alkaline AAA batteries (included)
  • Battery life approx. 50 hours with alkaline batteries (depending on the connected devices)
  • Weight only approx. 180 g

Connections of the DegerPipe

  • Headphones (jack plug 3.5 mm)
  • is also line-out for amplifier or headphones (volume adjustable)
  • MIDI 3.5 mm jack plug (included)

This is how easy it is to play the DegerPipe II

  • Plug in headphones or connect the pipe with cable to an amplifier
  • Switching on at the slide switch
  • Selection of the desired fingering (possible directly when switching on)
  • When switching, the instrument is immediately set to the usual basic tuning (e.g. for the half-closed fingering of the shepherd’s pipe, the starting key is G)
  • Select sound Highland bagpipe, shepherd’s pipe or medieval market bag or smallpipe
  • Select key or pitch Either in semitone steps (half a tone higher or lower per button press), or steplessly if you need to adapt to special instruments
  • Set drone accompaniment tones Optionally fundamental or as a fourth or fifth drone
  • The drones can be regulated in volume and continuously retuned in relation to the chanter
  • Set the overall volume of the instrument
  • Adjusting the volume of the drones
  • Start and stop the pipe by touching the start-stop sensor on the rear side
  • . . . and off we go …

Fig The control center of the DegerPipe II


Order this instrument right away with the very good and inexpensive bag.

Made of sturdy material and suitable size, it protects the valuable elekronisches instrument best!

Supplied with headphones and MIDI cable.

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