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Drone Reeds for Great Highland Bagpipes (Set = 3 Reeds)


Plastic Drone Reeds for the drones of the Great Highland Bagpipe by True Tone

The well-known manufacturer from Scotland presents a new, easy-to-use plastic drone reed that is suitable for pipes from a wide range of manufacturers.

These reeds give the drones a powerful sound, are easy to adjust and very insensitive to moisture.

The highly resistant reeds of these reeds are straight, which means that pitch, response and sound can be changed by simply moving the ferrule.


There is no need to bend the reeds – this eliminates one of the major sources of error when setting up drone reeds. This makes it much easier to adapt to the respective pipe and the reeds can also be easily replaced if necessary.

We deliver one set = 3 reeds (1x bass + 2x tenor)

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