Drone stick for Combination Set 4

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drone stick for the Smallpipe Combination Set with 4 drones made of polypenco with ornamental ring made of ivory ivory ivories


Drone stick for the Smallpipe Combination Set with 4 drones

The great alternative for those who already own an A or D smallpipe from Shepherd: Instead of awkwardly changing drones when you want to switch from D to A (or vice versa) on the Smallpipe Combination Set, you can now install the brand new available drone stock that provides all 4 drones simultaneously.

The drone stick is again made of polypenco with a finishing ring of ivoirine and offers 4 mounting holes for the drones (d – a – D – A).

The stick must be integrated into the smallpipe. Please ask for the price of installation.

Missing drone pipes (high D or low A) are not included in the price and must be ordered separately.

(The picture shows the drone stick and smallpipe drone pipes, which are NOT included!)

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