Drone Valve System for Great Highland Bagpipes

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Valves for controlling the drone pipes of the Great Highland Bagpipe (set = 3 pcs.)


Drone Valves (TrueTone)

These simple and effective adjustable drone valves come from the True-Tone company in Scotland.

A thumbscrew is used to set the desired pressure at which the valve allows air to pass from the bag to the drone reeds. The selected setting is simply and securely locked in place with a locking screw.

Drone valves improve the starting and stopping of pipe drones and reliably prevent the annoying squeaking. The desired pressure can be easily adjusted separately for each drone!

The valves are suitable for all bags with zip and are inserted into the drone stocks with a thread wrap. The Drone Valves fit in all standard Great Highland Bagpipes with Zip-Bag (diameter of the pins of the Valves = approx. 19.5 mm).

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