Dudey with 4 drones

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Renaissance bagpipe with 4 drones made of elsbeer wood

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Dudey with 4 drones (3 of which are retunable) made of Elsbeer wood with ornamental rings made of Ivoirine.

The Dudey is an easy to play and reliable Renaissance bagpipe with baroque flute fingering. It belongs to the quiet bagpipes with cylindrical bore, the advantage of which is the ability to blend in sound with other instruments.

Range of the chanter (soprano) c1 – d2.

Playable keys

– F major (with f- c1- and f1- drone)

– D minor (with d, a and d1 drones)

– C major (with c, g, and c1 drone)

The four drones can be closed with plugs to set the desired accompaniment chord. Three drones are retuneable.

– Tenor bordun c (d)

– Alto bordun f (g / a)

– Soprano bordun c1 (d1)

– Sopranino bordun f1

The version with 4 drones combines the capabilities of the two 3-drones Dudeys and allows playing in all 3 keys with octavated drones in each case.

The dudey is made of high quality elsbeer wood. The ornamental rings are made of very beautiful artificial ivory Ivoirine. The bag is made of high quality leather. The durable reeds are made of plastic. We deliver the instrument with soprano chanter in c’, a fingering chart and a short playing instruction.

Order and delivery Currently, we forward your order to our partner company with whom we have been manufacturing and distributing these instruments for over 25 years. You will be contacted directly by our partner after your order regarding delivery time and payment method. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you at any time.

with Canmore Synthetic-Bag (without surcharge)

Upon request and at no extra charge, we will gladly equip your bagpipe with a new type of bag from the world-renowned manufacturer Canmore, which is not made of leather and no longer needs to be sealed. The surface of these bags is like imitation leather (similar to Alcatara).

Optionally, we offer the matching bag / case to this instrument at a preferential price!

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