Falk Watertrap for GHB

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Excellent drying system for the Great Highland bagpipes and other bagpipes.


Falk Watertrap

“The sound of bagpipes is negatively affected by the humidity of the air we breathe!”

This drying system is probably the best and most effective water trap on the market. The Falk Watertrap has been well proven for years and is even played internationally by leading Grade 1 pipe bands!

The falk-watertrap© is pre-assembled into a unit for installation in the bagpipe. All major components are made of aluminum, the end caps are made of POM, the elastic part is made of EPDM. The falk-watertrap© is absolutely safe to operate and can remain in the bagpipe all the time! There are no moving parts inside the aluminum part that can wear out.

The air is caused to condense by small pressure fluctuations. The large aluminum surface also serves as a heat sink. It condenses the water of the blowing air to 70-80%. Uniform pressure distribution in the bag ensures good sound. The external appearance of the bagpipe remains unchanged. The air is dehumidified before entering the bag, which keeps the chanter and drone seeds almost dry for a playing time of 2 – 3 hours.

The falk-watertrap© can be used for all bagpipes. Installation in bagpipes that do not have a zip is carried out after removing the chanter stick through the neck opening of the (leather) bag. The stick is then tied back in place.

Delivery includes detailed instructions and the necessary assembly material.

Detailed information and installation and operating instructions for this highly recommended system are available for download under the link ‘INFOBLATT/GRIFFTABELLE on this page.

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