“B-flat” Blackwood Pipe Chanter by R. G. Hardie (single)


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Excellent bagpipe band chanter from Blackwood in the bflat bagpipe tuning by RG Hardie, Glasgow


This outstanding pipe chanter in the lower B-flat tuning was designed by Alastair Dunn, Gold Medalist and Pipe Sergeant of the 6-time World Champions Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band. The first-class instrument from Blackwood will delight both solo pipers and pipe bands.

The lower tuning allows playing together with “normally” tuned musical instruments in the key of Bb.

The chanter can be ordered without brine or with a choice of artificial ivory brine to hand engraved silver brine (For engraved nickel or silver soles only, please specify the design).

This premium Blackwood Chanter comes with Reed Protector and, if ordered without the Sole, in the Deluxe Chanter Box.

(Chanter with Sole do not fit in this box)

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