Highland Smallpipe by RT Shepherd Combination Set in A/D with 4 drones and 2 chanters

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Brush for Hümmelchen toy whistle

Cleaning brush for Practice Chanter

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Mouth-blown Scottish smallpipe with 2 chimes and 4 drones, playable in the keys of A and D.

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The Shepherd Highland Smallpipes open up an excellent sound for the friend of Scottish music, which will not only delight Highlandpipes players! The full-sounding, but only room-loud bagpipes are played with the same fingering as the Highland pipes.

Still brand new in the range is this Combination Set with 4 drones and 2 easily replaceable chanters.

Due to the proven reeds insensitive to moisture and reliable, it is possible to produce these easily playable instruments mouth-blown. This eliminates the need to learn how to use the bellows that would otherwise be required.

The smallpipes are made of the best blackwood, the ornaments are made of very good ivory. Of course, the Canmore bag is also used here, which guarantees permanent tightness.

We supply this mouth-blown smallpipe with 2 chanter pipes in A and D. They are equipped with wind capsules that can be inserted directly into the chanter stick and ensure optimal protection of the reed. The 4 drones in the tuning A – D a – d sit in a common drone stick. This turns the instrument into a full-fledged A and D smallpipe!

– Handmade from the best African Blackwood
– Precisely machined cylindrical inner bores for best and lasting intonation quality
– Ferrules and mounts made of the best artificial ivory
– Reliable plastic chanter and drone reeds, therefore mouth-blown playable!
– Specially shaped Canmore Pipe Bag
– Best chanter sound quality
– Tuning of the 4 drones A D a d
– 2 chimes: A & D, each with wind capsule

(Sound example: D-Smallpipe played by Brian Lamond from the CD ‘Enlightenment’)


With every Smallpipe order, we will provide you with the following important accessories and spare parts for FREE:

– Cleaning brush
– Information sheets for your Smallpipe

In addition, if you have any questions about your pipe, we will be happy to advise you by telephone or (by appointment) personally here in Lörrach.

Please note: With us you get not only the instrument, but also the service that is necessary for such an instrument! Repairs, even on the reeds – we can perform inexpensively directly in our workshop.


Optionally, we offer you the matching bag to this instrument at a preferential price!