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Italian bagpipe on hummel base with two chanters and 2 drones made of elsbeer wood


Zampognas are two-part bagpipes from Italy. They have been firmly rooted in the country’s traditional music for centuries and are frequently played again today. Especially at Christmas time in the south of Italy you can meet the so-called Zampognari on the streets and squares of the cities.

Numerous illustrations, across the centuries, show musicians playing such instruments, often together with a mouth-blown shawm – the piffaro. The zampogna often plays a rhythmic and harmonizing accompaniment to the melody part of the shawm. However, there are also numerous melodies that can be played in two voices on the Zampogna alone.

However, while the original Zampognas are relatively loud and often quite unreliable due to their construction, we have based this newly developed, quiet bagpipe on the proven technology of our Hümmelchen. The Hümmelchen Zampogna is equipped with four plastic reeds, which produce a soft, harmonious and only room sound and are characterized by great reliability and durability.

The large chanter has a range from f to c’, the small chanter from e’ / f’ to c”.

The major drone is tuned in f and the minor drone in c’. All four pipes are combined in a common round stick. The bag is sewn from very nice cowhide and permanently sealed. The blowpipe has a reliable plastic valve and a plastic mouthpiece. We make this also visually very attractive bagpipe from the best Elsbeer wood.

Optionally we offer you to this instrument equal the matching bag / case at a favorable price!

Order and delivery: Currently, we forward your order to our partner company with whom we have been manufacturing and distributing these instruments for over 25 years. You will be contacted directly by our partner after your order regarding delivery time and payment method. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you at any time.


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