MacEge’s Scottish Bagpipe Lesson Book (with Accompanying CD)

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German language textbook for the Great Highland Bagpipe by Reinhold Ege with accompanying CD


NEW EDITION: We deliver the best-selling German-language textbook by Reinhold Ege in the expanded new edition!

Newly included is the ‘Taorluath Movement’ and an expanded chapter on learning to play the bagpipe. Also, the world-famous tune Scotland the Brave was included in two different versions (Queen’s Own Highlanders and Scots Guards). 79th Farewell to Gibraltar, one of the most beautiful army marches for the Scottish bagpipes is now also newly included in the textbook.

The bagpipe school, which has been tried and tested for many years, is aimed at those interested in learning to play the Scottish bagpipes from scratch. Those who were interested in playing the Great Highland Bagpipe often had a hard time: The few schools written in English were mostly not suitable for self-instruction and furthermore focused only on Scottish music.

Reinhold Ege provides a remedy here with his proven textbook. He has been teaching pipe students of all ages since 1978 with great success. Building on his rich experience, this textbook was written in German in 1990. The book was completely revised in 1999, newly edited and expanded with an accompanying CD.

The textbook is based on learning with the traditional Scottish practice flute, the ‘Practice Chanter’ (see illustration). This simple, mouth-blown instrument accompanies the piper throughout his life and is basically used to learn the fingerings, the melodies and the rhythmic structures of Scottish music.

TIP: Order the textbook from us right away with the recommended Practice Chanter (practice flute):

We also offer MacEge’s textbook with an optional real Scottish Practice Chanter (plastic, made in Scotland) at a reduced package price. You will receive a tested instrument ready to play with reed, fingering chart and other information. The instrument supplied is used as a learning tool in many schools in Scotland.

First, the textbook teaches the fingering of the individual notes of the melody pipe, the ‘chanter’, and explains their peculiarities. Switching between the individual tones is trained using simple tone sequences and melodies that everyone knows.

Afterwards, of course, what is typical of Scottish bagpipe music is taught: the ‘gracenotes’, also known as ‘suggestion notes’, ‘ornamentations’ or ’embellishments’. Doublings, Throw, Slur, Grip and Birl are explained and practiced step by step with the help of many practice examples. Using a total of 40 melodies, the basic knowledge learned is then put into practice.

MacEge’s instructional book contains many of the well-known standard Scottish tunes that every piper should know:

A Hundred Pipers, Amazing Grace, The Badge of Scotland, The Barren Rocks of Aden, Brian Boru’s March, The Brown Haired Maiden, Dark Island, Farewell to Nigg, Green Hills of Tyrol, The High Road to Gairloch, The Highland Cradle Song, Highland Laddie, Johnnie Scobie, The Land of my Youth, Loch Rannoch, Mermaid’s Song, Mrs. Elders Welcome, Muss I denn .., My Home, The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill, Pibroch Donald Dhu, The Road to the Isles, Rowan Tree, Scots Wha Hae, We Wallace B’lead, Skye Boat Song, When the Battle is Over. NEW: Scotland the Brave’ in two versions (Queen’s Own Highlanders and Scots Guards) and ’79th Farewell to Gibraltar’.

Most of the melodies and the exercises are included on the accompanying CD that accompanies the book, which is an important aid and support for the learner.

The chapter on playing and blowing technique explains how to handle the bagpipe: blowing up and holding the instrument are explained with the help of illustrations, and exercises on breathing and blowing technique show the beginner how to proceed in order to learn to play the Great Highland Bagpipe.

The school also includes information about Scottish (music) history and explains the use of Scottish pipes in Breton music with some musical examples. An extensive appendix includes a fold-out fingering chart, a comprehensive list of English-language terms with explanations, a bibliography, and general recording recommendations.

The aim of the total of 20 chapters of the proven textbook is:

  • To bring the Piper to play in a direct way
  • Achieve a solid foundation of clean play
  • initially build on simple German melodies
  • to provide cultural and historical background.

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