Old chanter for Hümmelchen school model

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Replaceable chanter with its own wind capsule with range from f to g’ for Hümmelchen school models.


Old chanter for Hümmelchen school model

Our Hümmelchen school models can be equipped with different whistles. So you can play in other pitches or with other fingerings.

The included soprano chanter of the school models can easily be exchanged for other chanters if the instrument is equipped with the wind capsule system (see below).

The Old chanter is turned from elsbeer wood and equipped with a wind capsule. The instrument is tuned in F, has a range from f to g’ and is fingered very similarly to a baroque alto recorder.

The rather quiet sounding instrument offers a lower, calm pitch and is thus perfectly suited to play together with other instruments – especially other Hümmelchen – in several voices! 

Order and delivery: Currently, we forward your order to our partner company with whom we have been manufacturing and distributing these instruments for over 25 years. You will be contacted directly by our partner after your order regarding delivery time and payment method. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you at any time.

For direct changing of the chanter the school model must be equipped with the wind capsule changing system.  

Fig.: Optional wind capsule system for Hümmelchen school models.

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