Old Playing Whistle for Hümmelchen & Dudey

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Replaceable chanter with its own wind capsule with range from f to g’ for Hümmelchen & Dudey.


Alto chanter for the ‘big’ Hümmelchen and Dudey instruments with ornamental rings

For our Hümmelchen and Dudey models it is possible to exchange the soprano chanter, which is supplied as standard, for an alto chanter in order to expand the musical possibilities of the instrument.

The instrument is tuned in F and has a range from f to g’.

The fingering of the alto chanter is similar to the baroque flute fingering and corresponds to the ‘normal’ soprano chanter. It is supplied each with its own wind capsule with which together it is inserted into the bagpipe.

When ordering, please tell us the type of wood and the type and color of the ornamental rings on your instrument (or send us a picture).

Order and delivery Currently, we forward your order to our partner company with whom we have been manufacturing and distributing these instruments for over 25 years. You will be contacted directly by our partner after your order regarding delivery time and payment method. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you at any time.

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