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Melodies for harp and other instruments – composed, collected and arranged by Ange Hauck


In this newly published collection of sheet music Ange Hauck has finally written down her own compositions and favorite pieces for harp and other instruments. Since she usually plays from memory, her sometimes very popular pieces are finally available in sheet music form.

Over the years, she has arranged for the harp not only melodies that she has encountered here and there. As with a

Pot, into which one pours too much, also “something overflowed” again and again during the “simmering”, and thus new pieces arose from musical ideas.

The strongest impulse came from her encounter with the Welsh triple-harp player Robin Huw Bowen and his music. She was “electrified” and knew that she never wanted to miss this music in her life. Robin became a teacher and dear friend. His influence on Anges’s music can be specifically named at several points, but his music and his style as a whole were strongly influential.

In this book, in addition to Ange’s own well-known compositions, there are also numerous traditional pieces from Wales, which she has arranged wonderfully.

All melodies have been notated with chord indications and notes.


  • An Dro
  • Arnolds turner
  • Small improvisation
  • Blue Morning
  • Deep sea
  • Leaf in the wind
  • In between
  • Laridées Avril/May
  • Mazurka Blue
  • Snowdrop tips
  • Cold sun – Yellow sun
  • Swing
  • ZZ
  • Wales Jigs: The Hidden Jig / Gwyr Pen-dref
  • Rondeau Merci Grand-père
  • Rondeau en chaîne
  • Ouvre Moi
  • Dans Leon
  • Schwinsluhnis
  • Old calico
  • Branlou
  • L’aio de rotso
  • Egan’s polka
  • Gathering Peascods
  • I Live Not Where I Love
  • Glan Meddwdod Mwyn
  • Merch Megan – Wyres Megan
  • Cassandra
  • Schwartzbrün Maidele / Lilo / Lantana
  • Meillion
  • Quem a omagen da virgen
  • Now the Lenz wants to greet us

Ange Hauck 

from Würzburg has been active in folk music for over 30 years. She plays hurdy-gurdy, various bagpipes, flutes and Irish harp. Ange played with “Moenus” for 25 years, has been active in the scene for over 25 years with the duo “Irronymus Bock” and has been playing in a duo with Keith Macdonald for 10 years. There is a solo harp CD from her with exclusively her own arrangements. She has been teaching hurdy-gurdy, ensemble classes and bal-folk dancing for two decades.

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