Practice Chanter from Polypenco Mod. 1 from TrueTone, Scotland

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Practice Chanter Reed: TrueTone

Plastic Double Reed for Practice Chanter from TrueTone

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Low-priced Practice Chanter in short or long version from TrueTone, Scotland.

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Practice Chanter Mod. 1 from Polypenco by TrueTone, Scotland

Good and inexpensive Practice Chanter made of Polypenco in short or long version.

The finger holes are recessed to give the musician the grip and playing feel of the pipe chanter. In the ‘Regular’ version, the instrumetn is equipped with an internal water trap.

Reed Seat with thread:

The reed holder in this PC is designed as a long thread. Only a small yellow-hemp winding on the reed is necessary and the reed can be turned into the optimal tuning position!


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