Practice Chanter from Polypenco Mod. 3 from TrueTone, Scotland

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Reed and bag

Practice Chanter Reed: TrueTone

Plastic Double Reed for Practice Chanter from TrueTone

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Practice Chanter Bag Deluxe

The new, high-quality bag for Practice Chanter and DIN A4 textbook

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Practice Chanter Bag Small for Regular Size

Small bag for practice chanter and practice flutes

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Affordable Practice Chanter with Imitation Ivory Ferrule and Sole with Water Trap in short or long version from TrueTone, Scotland. Ready to play with reed and fingering chart.

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Practice Chanter Mod. 3 from Polypenco with artificial ivory from TrueTone, Scotland

Excellent and affordable Practice Chanter made of Polypenco in short or long version with easily removable water trap.

The finger holes are recessed with indicated holes to give the musician the feel of the pipe chanter.

The long Practice Chanter is built in the original length of the Pipe Chanter and gives the musician the original grip feeling of the Pipe Chanter.

With removable water trap:

The lower (white) part of the wind capsule of this Practice Chanter is shaped as a water trap and can be pulled out of the wind capsule. The water trap reduces the nuisance of the reed getting wet and is easy to clean.

Reed Seat with thread:

The reed holder in this PC is designed as a long thread. Only a small yellow-hemp winding on the reed is necessary and the reed can be turned into the optimal tuning position!


We supply this practice instrument with tested plastic reed with storage tube and fingering chart with more information.

Option bag:

Order your new instrument right away with a perfect bag with plenty of space for practice chanter, textbook and accessories!

– Made of strong and durable fabric material

– Practical carrying handle and sturdy zipper

– Bottom and top of the practice chanter are fixed inside with velcro tape

– Storage bag for reed box

– Zippered compartment for an A4 size textbook

– Additional zippered compartment for spare reeds, accessories

Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 6 cm (width x height x depth)

Fig: The bag is supplied without the accessories shown.

To this Practice Chanter we also recommend this high quality small PC bag made of very sturdy material to transport your instrument safely.

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