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Reed and bag

Practice Chanter Reed: TrueTone

Plastic Double Reed for Practice Chanter from TrueTone

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Practice Chanter Bag Deluxe

The new, high-quality bag for Practice Chanter and DIN A4 textbook

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Practice Chanter Bag Small for Regular Size

Small bag for practice chanter and practice flutes

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Very good and inexpensive practice instrument for learning the Scottish bagpipes.


Beginner Practice Chanter from Tru-Tone (Scotland)

If you want to learn how to play the Scottish Highland Bagpipe or Smallpipe, you first need a practice chanter (PC). This instrument accompanies every piper – whether beginner or professional – for a lifetime.

Here we offer a really good practice chanter for learning to play the bagpipes The instrument is from original Scottish manufacture aand at an excellent price!

Made north of Edinburgh, the instrument is carefully crafted from the high-quality Polypenco plastic. The finger holes are well felt. The included plastic reed responds easily and requires little air.

The simple Practice Chanter has proven its worth in bagpipe lessons in many schools in Scotland, is well tuned and easy to maintain. The renunciation of unnecessary bells and whistles allows an excellent price/performance ratio for this excellent instrument!

The Practice Chanter is built in the standard length – the tone hole spacing is built so that the grip width is about 1 cm shorter than the ‘big’ chanter of the Bagpipe. This helps beginners in particular to get used to the correct hand position.

The reed holder is designed so that the position of the reed can be adjusted very easily. This allows you to quickly insert a new reed so that the chanter is accurately tuned.

Option deluxe bag

Order your new instrument right away with a perfect bag with plenty of space for practice chanter, textbook and accessories!

– Made of strong and durable fabric material

– Practical carrying handle and sturdy zipper

– Bottom and top of the practice chanter are fixed inside with velcro tape

– Storage bag for reed box

– Zippered compartment for an A4 size textbook

– Additional zippered compartment for spare reeds, accessories

Dimensions 42 x 30 x 6 cm (width x height x depth)

Fig The bag is supplied without the accessories shown.

For this Practice Chanter you can also order the cheaper small PC bag made of very high quality material as a safe place to store your instrument.

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