Practice pipe with medieval fingering for (market) bagpipes

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Mouth-blown learning instrument for the medieval (market) bagpipe. Ready to play with reed and fingering chart.

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The practice instrument to start playing a medieval bagpipe!

An ideal learning instrument, just as it has long been in the Scottish bagpipe tradition.

The Practice Chanter is the practice flute to the bagpipe for the Scottish bagpiper. It is on it that you begin to learn, and it is on it that you will always try out new ideas first, even as an advanced student. Now there is something similar for the bagpipe: the practice whistle.

The practice whistle is blown directly with the mouth like a flute. It allows the learner to focus exclusively on the melody, fingering and ornamentation techniques at the beginning. This accelerates the learning process enormously, actually makes it possible in the first place.

Furthermore, due to its pleasant volume – comparable to that of a recorder – the practice whistle offers the possibility to make progress in a neighbor-friendly way. In addition, the financial investment for an instrument can initially be avoided and the sometimes long waiting time until delivery can be bridged.

The practice whistle was designed precisely to meet the needs of learners of the bagpipe. It sounds in A=440 Hz, ornamental notes come out nice and crisp.

The tone hole for the little finger of the right hand is of course laterally offset.

With the help of a small plastic insert, the F# tone hole can be retuned to the F tone.

We deliver a tested instrument ready to play:

– Practice whistle from polypenco

– Set up reed together with storage tube

– Re-tune insert

– Fingering chart with more info

– In addition, you will receive a cleaning brush free of charge!

NEW: Upgrade your existing practice pipe to a fully playable bagpipe:

With the Wee-Pipe extension set you can also use the practice pipe as a bagpipe. More info

Option bag:

Order your new instrument right away with a perfect bag with plenty of space for practice chanter, textbook and accessories!

– Made of strong and durable fabric material

– Practical carrying handle and sturdy zipper

– Bottom and top of the practice chanter are fixed inside with velcro tape

– Storage bag for reed box

– Zippered compartment for an A4 size textbook

– Additional zippered compartment for spare reeds, accessories

Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 6 cm (width x height x depth)

Fig: The bag is supplied without the accessories shown.

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