“B-flat” R.G. Hardie Infinity Plastic Pipe Chanter (single)

ab 169,00

Excellent plastic bagpipe band chanter in standard bagpipe tuning by RG Hardie/Henderson, Glasgow


The R.G. Hardie Infinity B-flat Plastic Pipe Chanter is a new pipe chanter model designed for military tattoos and playing with other instruments. It has smaller holes and is tuned to 466 Hz, making it easier to play than most modern pipe chanters. The Infinity B-flat Chanter has a thicker shaft diameter and smaller finger holes, allowing for more comfortable playing. It is ideal for beginners, advanced players and pipe bands who want to play with other instruments. The Chanter can optionally be supplied with Reed Protector and Chanter Case.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Pipe Chanter Sole

Without sole, Imitation ivory, Simple nickel, Celtic nickel, Thistle Nickel, Zoomorphic nickel, Victorian nickel, Bright silver, Thistle machine engraving silver, Celtic silver (machine engraved), Victorian silver (machine engraved), Zoomorphic silver (machine engraved), Thistle silver (hand engraving), Celtic silver (hand engraving), Victorian silver (hand engraving), Zoomorphic silver (hand engraving)

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