Reed Box for 5 Highland Bagpipe Chanter Reeds

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Sturdy box for safe storage of 5 GHB Chanter Reeds


Pipe Reed Box

This long time proven reed box made of sturdy plastic safely holds up to 5 chanter reeds for the Great Highland Bagpipe.

It offers the best possible protection for these all-important and sensitive sound generators!

Savings Tip: Order 5 or more reed chanter reeds from us and get a box for free!

The chanter reeds are held securely in precisely fitting recesses without applying pressure to the delicate reeds. With light finger pressure on the thread winding at the lower end of the reeds, the reeds can be lifted and removed very easily and safely.

This inexpensive box is a very and really safe storage for your delicate and valuable chanter reeds and should not be missing in any pipe case!

Dimensions (L / W / H): 12.5 / 8.8 / 1.6 cm

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