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for crumhorn, cornamuse, Praetorius bock etc.


Available again and directly from stock: reed double reeds for historical woodwind instruments in very good quality. 

Made by a professional bassoonist with decades of reed making experience, these reeds are made for alto and tenor pipes. They are characterized by easy response and powerful tone.

These reeds were tested on the following instruments:

Praetorius Bock, Krummhorn, Cornamuse, Shepherd’s Shawm by Körber, Westenberg, Ross

We supply the brass sleeve without cork jacket, the adjustment to the instrument can be made with the supplied thread without much work and can be easily changed at any time.

We supply the reeds with detailed instructions on how to fit each instrument.

By arrangement, we can also insert the reed into your instrument. Please contact us for this purpose. We charge for this work according to time and effort.

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