Reed Protector for GHB from TrueTone

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Plastic cap to protect the chanter reed when removing the pipe chanter. Now also available in different colors!


This is a very important accessory for the pipe!

A reed protector is not only a mechanical protection for the extremely sensitive and expensive chanter reed, it prevents above all the excessive absorption of moisture into the reed.

After playing, you should always take the chanter out of the pipe. This is the only way to prevent the reed from continuing to absorb wetness from the damp interior of the pipe bag. In order to protect the reed from damage, the Reed Protector is placed on the chanter and fastened with the clamping screw.

This standard black Reed Protector with excellent price/performance ratio comes from original Scottish production.

The inner diameter is approx. 21 mm (max. journal thickness), the depth of the hole is approx. 79 mm.

NEW: We can now supply this important accessory in color. So you can easily distinguish between different chanters in your pipe case and always find the right one!

TIP: If you are more of a ‘wet’ blower, you can help the chanter reed dry by drilling one or more holes in the reed protector. This allows the reed to break down moisture between play phases …

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