Spielmanns Music Book Volume 2

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by Friedhelm Capelle and Kamini Barbara Govil-Willers


Spielmanns Music Book Volume 2

Following the request of many musicians, we present the continuation of the popular sheet music collection ‘Spielmanns Notenbuch – Band 1’.

Kamini Barbara Govil-Willers and Friedhelm Capelle have again compiled a variety of melodies from different musical epochs for this second volume, which are also suitable for historical instruments with the range of only one ninth. (e.g. Gemshorns or the Renaissance bagpipes ‘Hümmelchen’ and ‘Dudey’).

As in the first volume, players of historical and modern drone and wind instruments will again find a large fund of well-playable polyphonic music here.

Most of the pieces are original movements, some of which have been reduced in the number of voices and have been slightly edited only when necessary (e.g., when the range has been exceeded). Some historical melodies and the Christmas carols have been provided with their own movements.

All movements in the book are designed so that at least one part can be played by a period wind instrument. Thus, all pieces are suitable for the dudey and other historical wind instruments and otherwise open to versatile instrumentation with other instruments. In the proven manner, the chanter to be used and the corresponding drone tuning are indicated for each piece.

The book contains a total of 92 polyphonic movements and is divided into five chapters:

– Middle Ages – with 5 songs and 6 melodies from the 13th to the 15th century

– Renaissance – with 13 dances by Pierre Attaignant, Thonoit Arbeau, Tielman Susato and Pierre Phalèse

– Early Baroque – with 28 dance movements by Michael Praetorius from “Terpsichore”, 1612 – arranged in 4 dance sequences

– French Baroque Music – with 20 selected duets by Philibert Delavigne from the “Les Fleurs” collection

– Christmas songs – with 5 songs and 4 melodies

Each chapter is preceded by brief notes on music history and performance practice as well as instrumentation suggestions. Hans Georg Lenzen has again embellished this music book with colorful illustrations in an endearing and humorous way.

In the new edition, the collection has been equipped with a Wire-O binding, which allows easier handling, for example, on the music stand.

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ISBN: 978-3-927240-69-8
Format: 27.7 * 21.0 cm
Number of pages: 106 pages
Cover: Wire-O

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