Bagpipe Lesson Book for Hümmelchen – Volume 1

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From the first tone to tone separation

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Understandable. Practical. To the point.

You are holding in your hands the first volume for learning the Hümmelchen: a nearly 200-page cumulative collection of beginner-tested knowledge just about the Hümmelchen. Extensive explanations, diagrams, photos, examples, exercises and melodies on all relevant topics await you in a structured order:

  • General handling of the instrument
  • Scales
  • Distinction open and baroque fingering
  • Extensive tips on sources of error during handle changes
  • Drones voices
  • Basic music theory knowledge also and especially for beginners
  • Tricks to rhythm and tact
  • Exclusive and extensive chapter on clay separations
  • Further tips for practicing and instrument care
  • Tips on mistakes to avoid, especially at the beginning
  • and much more…

After a short, understandable introduction of the topics, examples and exercises follow in order to deepen what has been learned practically on pieces on the instrument.

The material is lesson-tested and intended especially for absolute beginners in self-study. The knowledge gathered in this book is unique thanks to its systematic and descriptive approach.

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