Big MacValve built-in valve for GHB

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Built-in valve system for (Scottish) bagpipes with connection for a watertrap


The Big Mac Valve – the big brother of the ‘Little Mac’.

This valve serves as a one-way valve, water trap and connection for a watertrap. A ‘normal’ valve at the end of the blowstick is no longer necessary.

The Big Mac insert is inserted into the blowpipe stock from below (via zip bag) and has the tried-and-tested Airstream valve flap. This rubber flap is located inside the ‘BigMac Valve and is protected all around. It can be quickly replaced and easily removed for cleaning.

The upper part of the valve is inside the stick and works as a water trap. It retains moisture in so that can not get into the valve. After playing, the accumulated moisture can be easily emptied out of the blowpipe stick.

The lower air outlet inside the bag is positioned at a right angle and redirects the outflowing air so that it flows away from the chanter reed into the rear part of the bag. This extends the playing time until the chanter reed becomes damp.

A hose can also be easily attached here to direct the air into a watertrap, for example.

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The “Big Mac” Valve – The big brother to the “Little Mac.” This valve serves multiple functions as a one-way valve, water trap and air redirect. The Big Mac inserts into the bottom of the blowpipe stock (via zippered bag) and features an Airstream valve that is protected internally and is easily accessed for cleaning. The section inside the stock allows for moisture to collect to be dumped later. Last, the right angle redirect forces air away from the pipe chanter reed delaying the time it takes for moisture to saturate the reed. A tube can be added to this product for further water retention and air direct.

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