Uilleann Pipe Practice Set Drone Extension

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The set expands the Practice Set with 3 drones


Irish Pipes: Drone extension for the Uilleann Pipe Practice Set

With this extension the Uilleann Pipe Practice Set gets three drone pipes in a common drone stick with stopper.

Drones and stick are made of polypenco (polyacetal), a very suitable engineering plastic.

This material has also been used for the chanters of the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipes for over 20 years. In terms of sound, there is an astonishing closeness to instruments made of tropical wood.

Please note: To install the drones, the Practice Set must be sent in. The drones are then integrated into the existing bag.

Ordering with short waiting time: The instrument offered here is usually available within a few weeks!

(The pictures show the expansion set already integrated in the bag of the Pracice set. The bag and the other illustrated sticks are not part of this article).

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