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The fantastic melodies to the French Bourrée


This musical recording with a comprehensive repertoire of the most important Bourrée melodies conveys to the listener and dancer the sound of French dance music, faithfully reproducing the sound of the traditionally used (drone) instruments. Without the use of today’s usual sound post-processing, the auditory impression created here is that of a listener on the edge of the dance floor at one of the numerous Bal Folks.

Experienced dance musicians have recorded a uniquely beautiful CD for the dance textbook Bourrée Bourrée Bourrée, on which all Bourrée choreographies from the various regions of France that appear in the book are represented in the best dance manner:

Dances on this CD:

from the Berry:

  • Bourrée de la Brande d’Ardentes
  • Bourrée des Dindes
  • Bourrée carree de St. Chartier
  • Bourrée droite d’Issoudun
  • Bourrée tournante des Grandes Poteries
  • Bourrée de Plainpieds a.o.

from Auvergne:

  • Bourrée ronde
  • La Montagnarde a.o.

from the Bourbonnais:

  • Bourrée les Moutons
  • Double-Jeu
  • Baillez-li a.o.

from the Morvan:

  • Bourrée carree d’Arleuf
  • Bourrée a trois croisee
  • Bourrée de Morvan

from the Nivernais:

  • Bourrée a Linard

Played on exclusively traditional instruments, the tempo and length of the pieces are suitable for dancing, but they are also really fun just to listen to!


  • Gudrun Walther: hurdy-gurdy, violin
  • Konstanze Kulinsky: hurdy-gurdy
  • Christoph Pelgen: Bagpipes, flutes
  • Jürgen Treyz: accordion

This CD is included with our dance instruction book ‘Bourrée Bourrée Bourrée’. On frequently expressed request, we offer the CD here also as a separate sound carrier.

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