La Marmotte: Breton Dances CD

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CD accompanying the book “40 Breton dances” played by the group La Marmotte


We still found a few copies of the legendary CD of the group La Marmotte.

The excellently recorded and fully danceable melodies were produced in 1995 as a companion recording to the now out-of-print dance instruction book “40 Breton Dances” by Corina Oosterveen.

The CD offered here is packed in a plastic case together with the booklet and is given away at a special price while stocks last.

La Marmotte:

Ulli Rüdiger: Biniou, Flemish bagpipes, nyckelharpa, vocals

Christoph Pelgen bombarde, clarinet, tin whistle, recorders, mandolin, gaita, little drum, shepherd’s pipe, Jew’s harp, vocals

Konstanze Kulinsky: hurdy-gurdy, vocals

Jürgen Treyz: diat. and chrome. accordion, guitars, low whistle, bass recorder, oboe, organ, vocals, synthesizer

and as guests:

Olav Krauß: violin, Udo Will: marimbaphone, Hans-Georg Schuller: acoustic. Bass guitar, Herbert Wachter: Congas, Bongos, Darabukka, Drum Set, Tschanggo, Shaker, Kaxixi, Shekere, gr. Drum, snare, cymbals, gong, timbales, triangle


1. ridée 6 temps

2. avant deux de travers de Tréguier

3. hemp dro

4th suite gavotte ar menez

5. an dro modh kozh

6. dañs leon

7. hanter-dro gorge

8. la maraîchine

9th Suite de Loudéac & Riqueniée

10. pilé menu

11. rond de St. Vincent

12. pachpi

13. laridé 8 temps

14. cost ar c`hoat

15 Hanter Dro An Dro

16. suite Plin

17. dañs Molène


Total time 63:28


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