Canmore Suede Pipe Bag for GHB with ZIP

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Falk Watertrap for GHB

Excellent drying system for the Great Highland bagpipes and other bagpipes.

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The new Pipe Bag System from Canmore®.


The new Canmore Suede Pipe Bag with Zip

At the top of the Canmore® product range is this innovative Hybrid Pipe Bag, which combines the long-proven microfiber fabric (from a specially developed GORE-TEX® membrane) with a synthetic leather surface. The imitation leather has very good moisture permeability and ensures quick drying of the bag.

The bag comes with the following equipment:

– 4 sleeves for blowpipe and drone stacks

– TIZIP zipper for access to drones

– O-ring, pipe clamp and tape for mounting

– Warranty certificate (2 years) and assembly instructions

The new bag is suitable for all Great Highland bagpipes and is compatible with most moisture management systems.

Available in the following sizes:

– Small (depth 230 mm x length 625 mm)

– Extended Small (depth 245 mm x length 665mm)

– Medium (depth 280 mm x length 685mm)

– Large (depth 295mm x 710mm length)

Features of the new CANMORE® Hybrid Bag:

The new model offers an innovative solution for pipers who are looking for a bag with the weight and feel of a traditional leather bag, but do not want to give up the impermeability of the CANMORE® membrane!

– Maintenance free – no seasoning required

– Naturally supple

– Pick-up-and-play at any time

– Longer and hygienic usability

– Easy mounting (no binding required)

Fig: Imitation leather surface and the proven TIZIP zipper

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