Canmore Zip Bag LeftHand (!) (small/med./large)


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Falk Watertrap for GHB

Excellent drying system for the Great Highland bagpipes and other bagpipes.

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Synthetic Pipe Bag from Gore with zipper for left-handers (special model!)


Canmore Pipe Bag (R) with Zip LEFT HAND

(LH: left-handed bag, the bag is played under the RIGHT arm!)

Played and praised worldwide for many years: these pipe bags are really tight and do not require sealant.

Due to the proven microfibers of the company Gore, the accumulating moisture can escape. The reliable and tight zipper closure opens the possibility to easily install, remove and maintain Tone Enhancers and Water Traps.

The price includes a binding cord and a tube of T-Zip silicone grease for zipper maintenance.

Left Hand Bags we do not have directly in stock. We order according to the receipt of order. If you want to order more bags, we will be glad to make you a price offer.

(Available sizes: small, extended small, medium or large)

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