Chanter Reed (G1 Reeds) for GHB

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Double reed for the chanter of the Great Highland Bagpipes from G1 Reeds. The G1 Platinum Pipe Chanter Reeds are “ridge cut”.


G1 Chanter Reeds for the Great Highland Bagpipes

Reeds from this manufacturer are in ever-increasing demand. They are compatible with a wide range of chanters. We offer two versions in different levels of play:



The reed used is hand selected and only the best reed varieties areaccepted for the high G1 standard . The reed is used – depending on the season – from first-class suppliers from France and Spain and prepared in a special process for the production of reeds. Dhe reeds are manufactured in small batches in Premium quality manufactured. Each sheet is carefully checked, lacquered, and tested by the manufacturer tested.

G1 PLATINUM is the brand new reed from G1 / John Elliott. Here could the extremely successful G1 ORIGINAL Reed Freed again significantly vimproved be Since 2010 become PLATINUM Reeds worldwide from Grade 1 Bands and soloists played.

The G1 PLATINUM Reed produces more resonance and clarity, especially on the high notes of the chanter. G1 PLATINUM Reeds have a sharper high A and fit a wide range of Chanterns like Sinclair and Naill. The sound together with the drones is excellent. G1 PLATINUM Reeds set new standards in reed construction!


Special offer: from an order quantity of 5 reeds we include a reed box for free!

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G1 Platinum easy, G1 Platinum hard, G1 Platinum medium, G1 Platinum very easy