Children songs by Hermann Rieth

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11 children’s songs – arranged for Hümmelchen, Dudey and many other instruments. Compiled by Hermann Rieth


KINDERLIEDER – arranged for Hümmelchen and Dudey by Hermann Rieth.

This collection was also created while making music, of course, and is specially arranged for the bagpipes Hümmelchen and Dudey in C/F tuning.

Hümmelchen and Dudey are versatile instruments: solo, in a duet or in a quiet ensemble with flutes, violins, harp, cornamuse, gemshorn. The drone carried sound of the small bagpipes has a special charm when accompanying singing. In terms of both timbre and volume, the instrument is a good match for the human voice. The lack of dynamic possibilities of the bagpipe demands a different voice leading from the singer and gives the songs a special character.

Hümmelchen and Dudey, as Michael Praetorius describes them in 1619, are instruments of the late Renaissance and early Baroque. Surely they were played before and for a while after. From today’s point of view, it is interesting to experience how the soft sound of the bagpipe, supported by a strong drone, matches music from times when these instruments were not yet known or were no longer played.


  • Procession of minstrels

  • Where does the good God live

  • Two sparrows

  • The cuckoo and the donkey

  • Bertolt beaver

  • Quodlibet

  • To Stop the Train

  • Evensong

  • Nightsong

  • Rain

  • Old A’bram Brown

Hermann Rieth

Hermann Rieth had recorder lessons with his mother as a child. Later, recorder lessons and playing became an essential compensation during his studies (mathematics and physics for the higher teaching profession) and the training period to become a hand weaver. As a teacher of handicrafts, he continued this passion in making music with students.

With getting to know the Hümmelchen and Dudeys a new intensification began: learning to play the bagpipes, attending courses and making a lot of music. Soon he and a friend began organizing the Schwäbisch Haller Sackpfeifertage. In the process, he developed an interest in early music, a preoccupation with old prints and manuscripts, and an extensive collection of pieces for Hümmelchen and Dudey was formed. In the process, a small fund of children’s songs was found as a by-catch.

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