Diatonic accordion – Volume 1 Beginner

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Textbook for diatonic accordion volume 1 with accompanying CD by Yann Dour


Since the folk revival, the diatonic accordion (squeezebox, diatonic accordion) is also coming back to honor more and more in our country. It is back in accordion to play, and so there is a great need for a good school. Yann Dour, who has an outstanding name and reputation in Brittany as an excellent course instructor, incorporated his experience from hundreds of courses into a three-volume textbook, the first volume of which Oliver Stoffregen, renowned expert on this instrument, has translated into German for us.

The aim of this textbook is not so much to answer theoretical questions, but to acquire a basic practice on the standard diatonic accordion in G/C. It uses, in addition to the notes, the tablatures that are internationally used today.

The CD included with the book is particularly helpful because it contains all the exercises and pieces used at the respective learning pace.

The joy of music and the instrument is always in the foreground at this school!

Yann Dour, born in 1953, living in Guillac (Brittany), has been working as a musician and teacher of diatonic accordion since 1981. His specialty is Breton and Cajun music, but his repertoire is all-encompassing, which is reflected in the diverse publications of his publishing house “Caruhel”.


Volume 1 – Beginners

Since the folk revival, the appreciation for the diatonic accordion (aka squeezebox) has been constantly growing. Playing the accordion is ‘in’ again, and therefore the need for a good tutor arises. Yann Dour, who enjoys a great reputation in Brittany as an excellent teacher, injected his experience from hundreds of accordion courses into a three-volume tutor, the first volume of which was translated for us into German by Oliver Stoffregen, another renowned expert for this instrument.

This tutor is not aimed at answering theoretical questions, but at establishing a basic practice on the standard diatonic accordion tuned to G/C. In addition to the notes, it uses the common international tablature system. The CD included in the book is particularly helpful, as it contains all exercises and pieces in a tempo suitable for learning.

The principal concern of this tutor is always to have fun with music and one’s instrument!

The tutor was conceived on the basis of the following ideas:

  • The student practices selected tunes instead of soulless series of notes.

  • Each piece presents a small difficulty more than the one before.

  • The pieces are selected internationally: France, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the USA, Canada, Scandinavia – a cross-section of the rich repertoire for this instrument.

  • In addition to the notes, each piece is complemented by a tablature, which enables the student to learn to play without being able to read music.

  • The CD included in the tutor presents the pieces in a slow tempo. This makes it considerably easier to learn them and is a basis for self-study.

The book is written in German language.

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