Alban & Josnè: Polska pa Pan CD

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Panflute & Nyckelharpa – Alban Faust and Josué Trelles


After his first CD, which was enthusiastically received by the critics, Alban Faust presented another album on which he dared an experiment that must be called successful all around. Alban Faust, imaginative composer and excellent interpreter of Swedish music meets Josué Trelles.

These two musicians, one a nyckelharpa and sackpipa player based in Sweden, the other a panpipe and quena player from South America, succeed in coaxing new timbres from the eight traditional and seven newly composed pieces of Swedish music. The sound of the nyckelharpa and the pan flute create an exciting and extraordinary new sound, each instrument bringing out and enhancing the best in the other.

This CD is the meeting of Scandinavia and South America and the result is 50 minutes of exciting music.

The titles of the CD:

  • Menslåten (3:47)
  • Dieters vals (4:27)
  • Vargen i Trollungebyn (2:29)
  • Brudmarsch från Laxarby (5:28)
  • Berlin scottis (3:33)
  • Mats Westén (2:46)
  • Polska på pan (3:36)
  • Mama kriso (3:23)
  • Snubbens polska (1:16)
  • Rørospols (2:10)
  • Grinstad 38 (3:25)
  • Fyrtio in C minor (4:01)
  • Mofat (2:40)
  • Norsk brudmarsch (5:29)
  • Dansen med björnen (1:50)


  • Alban Faust:Nyckelharpa, Moraharpa, Swedish Säckpipa, Béchonnet
  • Josué Trelles:Panflute, Quena, Digderidoo

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Format: Audio CD
Playing time: ca. 50:22 min

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