Gaita Gallega in C from boxwood with 2 drones by Seivane

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For the low price of the previous year: Galician bagpipe with 2 drones in great equipment and complete accessories from the famous manufacturer Seivane


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Gaita Gallega by Seivane made of boxwood with 2 drones

From the most renowned master workshop in the north of Spain come these wonderful instruments, which meet the highest standards. We are now able to offer our customers bagpipes from this manufacturer.

Seivane gaitas are absolutely professional instruments with clean intonation and masterful quality. They are really quite easy to blow and can be played with a simple open fingering as well as with semi-closed fingering. Gaitas, thanks to their great reliability, are very popular especially among musicians with professional demands.


C – chanter with special equipment SEITOR tuning

Wood type:   Boxwood (The traditional wood type with strong, warm sound)

with 2 drones:

Bass Drone (2 octaves below the fundamental of the chanter)

Tenor Drone (1 octave below the fundamental of the chanter)

Ornament rings: 
Seinox (very good looking, non-rusting material made of special stainless steel).

Cover: Very high quality cover CAMBRE with beige/black cords.
The cover is closed with buttons.

Cords and fringes: Beige/black cords in first-classquality and clean processing, 100% cotton

– Gore-Tex® with internal water trap

Blowpipe: with interchangeable mouthpiece 
(length adjustable)

Price includes: Very well playable, absolutely professional instrument with complete accessories:

– Gaita Flightcase with Seivane Logo

– Manual (English, French, Spanish, Gallego)

– Reed protector for the chanter made of boxwood 

– Care oil for chanter and drones

– spare reed and reed tool

– Spare valve and spare button for the cover

– Corporate DVD

– Cleaning brushes and cloth 

With this complete equipment you get a price advantage of over 180 euros! 

The Gaita comes with a maintenance-free Goretex bellows with internal water trap and a very high quality velvet cover. 

Seivane Gaitas come standard with the excellent Seipal Drone Reeds. These very good sounding and extremely reliable plastic drone reeds respond easily, have low air consumption and are excellent for stopping.

If you are interested, please also ask for versions with other woods (e.g. grenadilla) and cover colors. The gaitas are available in the pitches (D, C#, C, B, and Bb) and with 1 to 3 drones. Please ask for a quote and delivery times.

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