Gaita Gallega Key Changing Kit from Seivane

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Conversion kit for Gaita Gallega from Seivane to other keys


Galician bagpipe manufacturer Seivane offers conversion kits that allow you to change a Gaita Gallega to a different key.

As an example we show you here the conversion set for an existing Gaita Gallega with 2 drones in the key of C to the key of Bb. Such a conversion is interesting if you want to play with the Gaita together with brass players, for example.

Seivane delivers in this case:

  • one additional chanter in Bb (please specify type of wood and desired ornaments)
  • Protective capsule for the chanter made of boxwood
  • an additional intermediate piece for the bass bordun
  • a new top for the tenor bordun
  • The set is supplied in a matching bag, in which the parts can be stored and transported well protected.

The price is calculated depending on the desired version. Please let us know your requirements and we will send you a quote with estimated delivery time.

Key Changing Kits are available for the following keys:

  • from Gaita in C to Gaita in Bb
  • from Gaita in Bb to Gaita in C
  • from Gaita in C to Gaita in D

The following types of wood are available:

  • Boxwood
  • Cocobolo or Angola Wood
  • Grenadilla
  • (other wood species such as Mexican Kingswood or Lignum Vitae on request)

The following drones can be retuned:

  • Bass drone
  • Tenor drone

In terms of ornamental rings, there is a choice of all the usual designs of the company Seivane:

  • Artificial ivory or artificial horn in black
  • Wood (boxwood)
  • Metal (brass, alpaca, seinox, silver – also in “double” and engraved version)

Since there is a large number of possible combinations, we cannot quote prices for all designs here. Please tell us the combination you want and we will tell you the price and delivery time.

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