Great Highland Bagpipe – P. Henderson Mod.05 Engraved Silver

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Great Highland bagpipe with full combing from the workshop of R.G. Hardie, Glasgow, Scotland. Blackwood Projecting Mounts, Hemp Retainers and Ring Cap Bushes. With machine engraved sterling silver ferrules, ring caps, slides and mouthpiece.


Great Highland Bagpipe – Peter Henderson No. 5

This pipe is made of African Blackwood with artificial ivory and machine engraved sterling silver ferrules, slides, ring caps and mouthpiece tube. (All silver parts made of 925 silver with hallmark)

All pipes of the traditional company Hardie from Glasgow are purely handcrafted to the highest standards. Henderson Pipes are often played by pipers who value exclusive design and first-class musicianship and craftsmanship.

Each pipe is marked with the name ‘Peter Henderson’ and a serial number.

We always deliver a fully assembled instrument ready to play!

(Exception: Sticks-Only version)

Basic version of the PH05:

– Finest African Blackwood with Combing

– Machine engraved 925 sterling silver ring caps, ferrules, slides and mouthpiece (different designs available – see below)

– Projecting Mounts, Hemp Retainers and Artificial Ivory Ring Cap Bushes.

Sterling Silver Hallmark:


– Peter Henderson Polypenco or (optional) Blackwood Pipe Chanter with Pipe Reed

– Canmore Pipe Bag with ZIP

– RG Hardie Drone Reeds or Ezee Drone Reeds

– Cord cover with silver or gold fringes, Silk Cords


We will be happy to advise you on any questions or other equipment requests and provide you with an individual offer.


When you order this pipe, we will send you the following important accessories and spare parts for FREE:

– Replacement reed for the chanter

– Reedprotector for the chanter

– Reed box for safe storage of your Chanter Reeds

– 1 set of corks for the drones (3 pcs.) and the chanter (1 pcs.)

– 1 roll of winding thread (waxed or unwaxed as desired)


Equipment variant Sticks only: Not ready to play, so only Stocks, Blowpipe, and Drones – Please ask us for the price.


Design example: Celtic

Also available designs: Victorian and Zoomorphic