Great Highland Bagpipe – RG Hardie Mod.P00 Polypenco

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Great Highland Bagpipe from the workshop of R.G. Hardie, Glasgow, Scotland made of polypenco with full combing, polypenco mounts, ferrules and ring caps.


Cost effective, easy to maintain and designed to meet the expectations of a good and playable instrument. Made with the same internal bores as The Blackwood bagpipes from this manufacturer, they have a full and rich sound.

Polypenco is one of the most suitable plastics and its physical properties are similar to the traditionally used material African Blackwood – with the advantage of low sensitivity to moisture. We recommend a good moisture control system to capture the moisture generated during games.

With this bagpipe the company Hardie offers a full Great Highland bagpipe completely made of the plastic Polypenco. The excellent looking instrument with traditional decorations offers unbeatable value for money.

Pipes of this traditional company from Glasgow have a distinctive design and are available in various designs. Hardie Pipes are manufactured to the highest standards.

Due to its super affordable price, this model is especially suitable for beginners who want a reliable and full-featured Scottish-made instrument at an affordable entry-level price.

Each pipe is marked with the Hardie name and the year of manufacture. The manufacturer guarantees registered instruments against material and manufacturing defects for 5 years.

Basic version of the RGHP00:

– AdjustiStick blowpipe

– Completely made of polypenco with combing

– Black Polypenco Ferrules, Ring Caps and Bushes

– Button Mounts from Polypenco

– 5 years warranty

The price includes the Hardie ‘Great Value Pack’:

– Synthetic Pipe Bag with Zip

– RG Hardie Polypenco Pipe Chanter with Pipe Reed

– Hardie Reed Protector

– Ezee Drone Reeds

– Cord cover with braid, Silk Cords

– Assembly and ready to play set up of the pipe

Order to your Pipe immediately the favorable Bagpipe accessories set in addition:

– Replacement reed for the chanter

– Reed box for safe storage of your Chanter Reeds

– 1 set of corks for the drones (3 pcs.) and the chanter (1 pcs.)

– 1 roll of winding thread (waxed or unwaxed as desired)

– 1 Reed Protector

– DST01 Shepherd Reed Setting Tool

– Set of cleaning brushes

Please note: We will be happy to advise you on any questions or other equipment requests and provide you with an individual offer.

Equipment variant Sticks only: Not ready to play, so only Stocks, Blowpipe, and Drones – Please ask us for the price.