Hümmelchen school model with 1 drone

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drone extension for Hümmelchen school models

Drone interludes for retuning the drones

Quiet bagpipe in c/f tuning with soprano chanter (baroque fingering) and a tunable drone


Hümmelchen school models have proven themselves as entry-level and learning tools for over 30 years!

This Hümmelchen is an excellent way to learn how to play the bagpipes. The school model is a soft sounding, easy to play and reliable bagpipe with baroque flute fingering. It is a “silent” bagpipe, because the chanter is drilled with cylindrical bore. The advantage of such instruments is that they blend sonically with other instruments.

The Hümmelchen is perfectly suited for playing together with (recorder) flutes, string instruments, crumhorns, cornamuses, string instruments, but also with harpsichord, portative and other historical musical instruments. The easily retunable drone can be closed with a plug to turn off the accompanying tone.

Range of the soprano chanter: c’ – d”

The playable keys of the Hümmelchen school model are: F major (with F drone), C major (with C drone) and D minor (with F drone widely extended).

The playable repertoire includes melodies from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque (see also Spielmann’s music book with CD), traditional dance melodies with the range of a ninth up to folk (dance) songs and newly composed drone music.

Our school model is deliberately designed for easy operation and reliable function. In terms of its internal construction, it corresponds exactly to the larger models of Hümmelchen and Dudey. However, the external design is kept simple to achieve a low price. The drone can be tuned to both f and c by repositioning it.

The Hümmelchen is made of high quality wild service tree wood. The bag is made of high quality leather or (on request) of a modern synthetic material. The durable reeds are made of plastic. The instrument comes standard with a soprano chanter in c’. The instrument also comes with a fingering chart and short playing instructions.


After consultation, your used school model can be taken back in payment with the purchase of a higher quality bagpipe! Talk to us about the modalities.

Wind Capsule System

We equip your school model with the wind capsule system at no extra charge, which allows you to change different chimes quickly and easily.

With the windcap system, you can use the following pipes in addition to the included soprano chanter:

– Alto chanter for school model with baroque flute fingering (f – g’)

– Quiet medieval chanter for school model with the fingering of the medieval market bagpipes (g – a’) **

– Chanter with semi-closed fingering for school model (French fingering with second thumbhole, b – c”)

(** This chanter requires the optional set (drone extension’ )

OPTION: drone intermediates (extra charge)

The F-bordun present in both school models (previously tunable to d, f and c’) can easily be retuned to other notes with intermediate pieces.

This results in new drone tunings that can also be used to play other keys (G, low D, low C and low A).

Our Hümmelchen school models now also have a low c-bordun and can also be tuned to g- or A-bordun (matching the optionally available quiet medieval chanter).

The deep drones are much less sensitive to pressure than before when the spacers are used. The built-in drone reed does not have to be changed for retuning!

The intermediate pieces are made of high quality oiled Elsbeere with shellac surface.


: Bagpipe bag (extra charge)

Optionally we offer you to this instrument equal the matching bag / case at a favorable price!

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